On the importance of good constituent services

Something that is not often talked about on the campaign, but so very important, is your Congressperson’s role in being the liaison between you and the federal government and providing excellent constituent services. And I’ve learned from the best.

While I worked for Congresswoman Darlene Hooley, I was a Caseworker and liaison to Department of State, United States Embassies and Consulates, National Passport Agency, Department of Justice, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I know firsthand how many constituents daily depend on the work District Offices do. I know how that work is done and how to work with federal agencies to get answers and correct individual constituents’ problems.

Now, during the Covid 19 pandemic, it is even more important that constituents get information from federal government agencies in a clear and concise manner, especially regarding travel outside the United States. You can count on me to hire the best district team to keep the lines of communication between constituents and my office open to ensure a smooth flow of needed information.

I also realize the 6th District is large and commit to opening at least two district offices, one in the north end and one in the south end of District 6, to ensure convenient constituent services are carried out.