On the Issues

I value empathy in policymaking and active listening to a diversity of ideas and lived
experiences beyond my own. I value professionalism and mutual respect in all workplaces and especially in government. I value facts based on science, research, multiple data points, expert analysis, precedents and honest testimony.


I value democracy.

As your Congressman, I will challenge myself and others to make policy through the lens of how laws will affect people in situations different from my own. It’s to strive to put one’s own self in the shoes of another and examine the intended and unintended consequence of each piece of legislation large or small.


Our government leaders have strayed away from this basic concept of making and debating policy. Policymaking should be deliberate, tedious, time-consuming, and based on real causes and effects and not entertainment, sport, clicks, campaign cash, fame, or media attention.

Expanding Health Care Access

We should have universal healthcare for every single person in the United States.  Healthcare isn’t a game. People’s lives are at stake and we must work with both sides and keep pushing for more coverage.  Additionally, price gouging by Big Pharma has gone on way too long. It’s time to stop it and I will vote for Democratic packages to reduce drug prices each and every time. Read more

Ending Gun Violence

By definition assault is unlawful in all fifty states. However, weapons to commit assault are currently legal, while other military weapons of war are rightfully banned from private, individual ownership.  The very first piece of legislation I will introduce is an Assault Weapons Ban. Read more

Elections Access and Voting Rights

I support federal legislation to protect voting rights and outlaw Republican attempts to suppress votes especially for people of color, indigenous and other marginalized communities. I’m in full support and plan to co-sponsor the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Read more

Employment and Liveable Wages

If large and small businesses cannot afford to pay their entry level employees a livable $15 minimum wage, their basic business plan is not realistic. I don’t believe we have a labor shortage.  We have a surplus of businesses taking advantage of their workers. Read more

Entrepreneurship and Supporting Small Businesses

Small business are the backbone of Oregon’s economy in urban, suburban and rural areas. As a small business owner myself, I support investing in small business infrastructure, tax cuts and federal incentives to revitalize Main Street — not Wall Street! Read more

Embracing Infrastructure, Clean Energy, and the Green New Deal

To restart our economy, we must think big with eyes on what future industries are going to thrive and mitigate the lasting effect of climate change. That is why I fully embrace and support the concept of the Green New Deal. Read more

Equal Justice, Criminal Justice Reform and Community Policing

We need to end the mass incarceration pipeline by providing federally-funded proven, effective alternative programs to rehabilitate offenders by focusing on the root causes of non-violent and property crime: poverty. Read more


Representation is important. Out of 435 Members of the House, currently only 9 are out LGBTQ (only 2.2%). I would be the tenth. That is still way under-representative of the current U.S. LGBTQ population. If elected would be the first LGBTQ Member of Congress from Oregon, and I will co-sponsor the Equality Act if it comes back to the House. Read more

Ensuring Reproductive Rights

Abortion is healthcare.  I believe all women should have the right to make their own reproductive health decisions and should be free to choose when to terminate her pregnancy.  I will vote to codify Roe v. Wade in the U.S. House each and every time is comes up for a vote. Read more

Ensuring the Rights of Immigrants and Protecting Asylum Seekers

I believe the diversity that immigration brings combined with indigenous peoples cultures and values is what make us strong.  Constitutional protections of due process must be applied equally to every single person in the U.S. regardless of immigration status. We need to provide a more timely and just pathway to citizenship for immigrants who are bringing their talent, world knowledge and culture here. Immigrant work is the bedrock of our economy. Read more


A quality, free, public education for all is paramount to a functioning economy and society.  I fully support free community college nationwide for two years. Our community colleges are best equipped to change to the changing community needs and job skills that our new, green economy will require.  Read more

Embracing and Safeguarding Democracy at Home and Abroad

Our democracy has been purposely systematically dismantled over the last five years and continues to be by several Republicans in Congress. We have to get to the bottom of right-wing efforts to thwart our democracy and need to use all federal resources to combat domestic terrorism in all its forms.  Read more

I’ve had enough of career politicians using their power in Congress to further enrich themselves and their establishment peers.  We have strayed so far, that we don’t even talk about ethics for our leaders.  That is one area I actually want to go back in time to.  I will request to sit on the House Ethics Committee and use my investigative skills to root out corruption and strengthen rules that govern the House and its Members.  Ethics are not just about rules. Having ethics means not using your position to just advance yourself (even if no law or rule is broken.)

I’ve said all year that I’m running where my home in Salem is because I do care about my neighbors, my community and my state. I’m not a career elected official looking for my next elected office. I want to make policy that makes a difference and provide the 6th District with it’s needs from the
federal government while providing excellent constituent service.


I don’t own any individual stock and won’t buy or sell any stocks for the duration of time I’m a Member of Congress. I don’t think any Member of Congress should, and I will support legislation to ban it.

Let’s start a new era in Washington, where people like me are elected to govern for the betterment of the people — NOT themselves.

Excellent Constituent Services

Something that is not often talked about on the campaign, but so very important, is your Congressperson’s role in being the liaison between you and the federal government and providing excellent constituent services. And I’ve learned from the best.

While I worked for Congresswoman Darlene Hooley, I was a Caseworker and liaison to Department of State, United States Embassies and Consulates, National Passport Agency, Department of Justice, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I know firsthand how many constituents daily depend on the work District Offices do. I know how that work is done and how to work with federal agencies to get answers and correct individual constituents’ problems.

Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important that constituents get information from federal government agencies in a clear and concise manner, especially regarding travel outside the United States. You can count on me to hire the best district team to keep the lines of communication between constituents and my office open to ensure a smooth flow of needed information.

I also realize the 6th District is large and commit to opening at least two district offices, one in the north end and one in the south end of District 6, to ensure convenient constituent services are carried out.